Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day....

Our family went to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery yesterday to put flowers on a dear friends grave.  My girls and I visit our dear friends grave site a lot and they always say that the cemetery is where Jack (our friend) lives. (Which makes sense from a child's eyes) When we visited yesterday we placed the flowers in front of the headstone and one of my girls said "Jack, we picked these out for you." My other child said, as she was tapping the top of the headstone "Bye, Bye Jack Happy Memorial Day we will see you soon." How sweet to think of the innocence of kids and how special these moments are to teach our children about Veterans and Soldiers and how much they have done for us and our children's future especially on Memorial Day!

We honor our veterans and troops on Memorial Day!
Thank you for our freedom and the sacrifices you have made!

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