I recently read an article that said not to buy these items in bulk:

You can actually save more money on these items searching ads and downloading or clipping coupons from your local grocery store than shopping in bulk at a warehouse store.

1. Soda
2. Snack chips
3. Sports drinks
4. Office paper
5. Toilet Paper
6. Cleaning supplies
7. Produce (who knew grapes are great to freeze for a snack)

I always thought that buying in bulk was saving my family money... not knowing you can actually search local grocery store ads and download coupons from that local store to save more money than paying for a membership and buying in bulk.

If you have any tips on saving money please post or send to

Respect Mother Earth on Earth Day with these tips:

Here are sites that will take your old electronics, phones and ink/toner cartridges from you instead of throwing them in the landfill. Use these to go green on Earth Day!

* Sell empty ink and toner cartridges to

* You can take old batteries or old electronics to your nearest Best Buy (they will actually buy your old electronics from you!!)
**Please contact your nearest Best Buy location for information.**

* For your old phones go to

* Old electronics you need to get rid of go to

Please do what you can for Mother Earth, even if you start tommorrow on Earth Day it would be a great lesson and future for your child!

Before you plan your next trip:

We found a great Website to check out before you plan your summer vacation! (find hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals and get great trip ideas)

For your Easter egg decorating:
We love this device that is called Spin an Egg (you can find it at any retail store)
It is a quick and easy way to make a beautiful egg with less mess!
Add drops of whatever color you like: Pink, blue, green, purple, and yellow. Make sure the top is secure and start spinning.Once you add the colors, your egg looks somewhat like a hippy tie-dye shirt.It looked very interesting. The coloring was sticky to the touch but didn't make too much of a mess.

Another fun food tip for kids:
(this one I got from my aunt)
She cuts up a hot dog into small pieces then inserts pretzel sticks in them for a fun finger food meal!
Her grandson loves it because it is so fun and so different from the everyday finger foods!

How to Clean your bathtub:
(yes this surprised us too!)

Your bathtub has 100,00 bacteria per square inch. Yuck here is how to clean it and make it shine!

Fill your bathtub at night with hot water and add 1 cup of white vinegar. Let it sit all night.
Let it drain in the morning. The vinegar will help to kill the bacteria and will shine your bathtub too!

How to Clean your kitchen sink:
My sink was so shiny after doing this!

Fill your kitchen sink to the rim with hot water. (I did one side at a time, so you could still use the sink.)
Add 1 cup of bleach. Let it sit for 1 hour. drain and rinse. Next take baking soda and scrub your sink sides and bottom. You will have a clean and very shiny sink!

For the Kids:
Picky eaters!

My friend and I were on the phone and I was telling her how my kids were such picky eaters that I would make them a seperate dinner than my husband and I.  She told me to try this: having your kids at least try one bite of what you made and if they like it great!! If they do not then try something else.  We tried this with hot dogs, yes hot dogs (most kids like hot dogs not mine) one of my twins was not going to try it no way, no how!! The other did after a while and some coaching and loved it! Now she asks for hot dogs whenever we go out to eat.  So just a tip if you have picky eaters and are like me where you do not want to see them go to bed hungry... you never know they might catch on to your cooking... even vegetables!